Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tirupati/Tirumala Visit-1

One sunday morning I lesiurely got up around 11 am and was just stretching myself when my Bhaiya told me we are going to Tirupati for Guggu's Mundan . I exclaimed what Tirupati!!! It's not that Tirupati is very faroff from Bangalore, it was the expression for the last moment plans. We quickly packed our bags and left around 1pm for Tirupati. After coming out of the shock we were quite excited as it was my Bhaiya's 6 month old baby's Mundan and that too we are going to Tirupati. The whole journey took us some 6 hrs as we reached our Guest House around 7pm.

After such a long and tiring journey we decided to take a bath and postpone the worship to early in the morning. As we all were coming for the first time we were quite unaware of the whole ritual to worship Tirupati. For that you need to have passes that are available as free / Rs50/ Rs 300. We enthusiastically decided to get up around 4 in the morning to stand in the line to get Rs 50 passes but our all attempts were failure in front of thosands of people standing in multiple queues. I thought how is it possible to have thousands on people in a queue that too on Monday. But what we wondered most was that all people are standing in queue to visit Tirumala, which is about 20 km above a hill then where do we go to visit Tirupati.

We finally decided to take the passes at Tirumala only. So we climbed some 15-16 Km journey and managed to reach at Tirumala and then started our whole journey of confusion. That I would be sharing in my next blog!!!

I hope you all liked my first attempt. Do comment on my Blog Post.

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